Crazy Joe and the Mad River Outlaws!
With Crazy Joe's recent "solo" efforts, the Mad River Outlaws haven't played regularly since 2011; but you never know, a reunion could always be just around the corner! CRAZY JOE AND THE MAD RIVER OUTLAWS have been dedicated purveyors of classic American rockabilly, rock & roll, country, and surf music since their very inception in beautiful downtown Enon, Ohio in 2000. Founded by Greenon High School pals "Crazy" Joe Tritschler and "Hep Cat" Matt Duffey, their mission has always been to spread the good word about the real rock & roll.

The current "Mark-IV" lineup of the Mad River Outlaws features "Hep Cat" Matt Duffey on bass and "Anaconda" Kyle Eldridge on drums.

"Hep Cat" Matt Duffey
Acoustic and Fender Basses

"Hep Cat" Matt Duffey is the original co-founder of the Mad River Outlaws who, along with "Crazy" Joe Tritschler, started it all in the Spring of 2000. Quickly becoming proficient at both acoustic and electric bass styles of just about every type of American roots music out there, Matt continues to lay down the bottom end that anchors the Mad River Outlaws' eclectic sound. He is the foundation upon which the Mad River Outlaws depend.

At WYSO 91.3FM's Summer Roots Concert Series,
Yellow Springs, Ohio, August 2006.
Image ©2006 George Willeman

Canal Street Tavern, Dayton Ohio, April 2013.
Image ©2013 Kristin Kay

"Anaconda" Kyle Eldridge

A fellow native of the Enon/Mad River Township area, young "Anaconda" Kyle Eldridge is a terrifyingly talented whiz-kid on guitar who happens to be quite a competent drummer! You can expect to hear more about Kyle as he makes his way through his own musical journey.

The "Mark-III" lineup (2008-2010) included Tom "Dr. T." Salvatierra on electric piano and the "Mysterious" Ryan Fyffe on drums.

Tom "Dr. T." Salvatierra ripping it up in Spain!
Image ©2009 Marta Pri

The "Mysterious" Ryan Fyffe at Peach's Grill!
Image ©2010 Stephen Warrener
The "Mark-II" lineup (2006-2008) featured "Honest" Rob Heiliger and "Reliable" (a/k/a "Boss Hogg") Brian Hoeflich.

WYSO 91.3FM's Summer Roots Concert Series,
Yellow Springs, Ohio, August 2006.
Image ©2006 George Willeman

WYSO 91.3FM's Summer Roots Concert Series,
Yellow Springs, Ohio, August 2006.
Image ©2006 George Willeman
The ORIGINAL lineup of the Mad River Outlaws (2000-2005) featured the illustrious and irreplaceable "Punkin" Patrick Lee!

Impact Weekly photo shoot, July 2002; these images were later used for the cover of Chopped, Slammed, & Twangin'. Image ©2002 Mike Dressler

Impact Weekly photo shoot, July 2002
Image ©2002 Mike Dressler

"Punkin" Pat Lee
Drums (2000-2005)

Way back in the year 2000, when Joe Tritschler and Matt Duffey needed a drummer for their new band, they turned to an old friend from Greenon High School. "Punkin" Pat Lee contributed a pummeling, psychobilly edge to the Outlaws' special early sound, owing to his rock and fusion backgrounds. Gradually assimilating many authentic styles, Pat has matured into the versatile musician he is today.


The last known photo of Tyrd Fyrgysyn and the MasterXploders, Enon VFW Post #8437, Dec. 31st, 2008. Image ©2009 Laura Rigsbee
Tyrd Fyrgysyn is truly an enigma. Not much is known about the mysterious Latvian surf-metal guitarist, but here's a summary of the info that we have gathered so far: he first came to this country in late 2003 specifically to meet his boyhood hero, the famous Mulchmen guitarist and Latvian surf pioneer Nick Kizirnis. Nobody has ever seen his true likeness because he always keeps his face concealed, possibly because he is not a legal U.S. citizen. He has been deported a number of times but always manages to get back into the country, usually appearing on "Crazy" Joe Tritschler's front door step in Enon, Ohio, which seems to have become his temporary home. His stage attire of choice is a 1980's Greenon High School cheerleading uniform, of which he chooses between "home" and "away" varieties depending on the proximity of the venue to Enon, Ohio. More recently, the correct spelling of his name was revealed during a retrieval of Mr. Fyrgysyn from the U.S. Latvian Embassy; up until this point, there were a number of published misspellings, possibly due to a translation error between the Cyrillic and Latin alphabets. Nobody knows the identities of his band members, collectively known as the MasterXploders, nor does anybody know what happened to his previous band, the Latvian Polka All-Stars; all Mr. Fyrgysyn will say, in his heavy accent, is "I bunched 'em." What we do know is that Tyrd Fyrgysyn and the MasterXploders always deliver a terrifyingly intense show of bizzare instrumental cover tunes, from 1960's TV shows to heavy metal hit songs, all in the Latvian heavy metal surf style.
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